Tree removal is often necessary for the safety of a property, health of other trees or for overall landscaping aesthetics. But once a tree is removed, homeowners are left with a stump. And stump grinding might not be on the top of everyone’s to-do list.


Besides the aesthetics of a tree stump being unsightly, grinding the stump of a tree is also for the safety of others and of other trees in the yard. Exposed stumps can become slippery and be a falling hazard. If the removed tree was diseased, it can continue to spread to healthy trees and shrubs. Spreading roots can still threaten a home’s foundation, and the insects and animals that can be attracted to nesting in a stump can threaten your yard and home.


At ABS Tree Care our Omaha tree service professionals are insured experts that will safely and efficiently grind stumps after tree removal. Stump grinding is fast, and will take care of stump and roots below ground level and will cause minimal disturbance to your yard and other landscaping items. A ground stump is also less likely to start re-growth.

So before the weather warms up in Omaha, give good thought to potentially grinding that stump in your yard. Our tree service professionals are here to make the job safe and easy.