Newly Planted Tree Care - Omaha Summers

Summer conditions can fluctuate in Omaha, which may cause stress to trees and plants. Tree watering is key to good tree care, particularly when it comes to new trees. And there are a few rules of thumb that will help you to water your trees properly.

Trees Need Water

When a tree is newly planted it’s important to water it immediately. During the first couple growing seasons, a newly planted tree is using a lot of energy getting its roots established in the soil. Newly planted trees can have a difficult time dealing with heat and drought – things to consider in Omaha when it comes to tree service. At ABS Tree Care in Omaha we recommend making this easier by providing water and covering the soil with wood-chip mulch. Deep watering can help speed the root establishment – which consists of keeping the soil moist to a depth that includes all the roots.

The amount of water a tree needs is determined by several factors, including the age and species of the tree, the time of year, weather and soil type. In general, newly planted and young trees require more frequent watering than older, well-established trees.

Look Out for Insects and Disease

Additional tree care you can offer your newly planted trees includes keeping an eye out for insect pests and disease, because drought-stressed trees are more vulnerable to attack. An Omaha arborist can help with tree service and pest control. It’s also important to avoid using high-nitrogen lawn fertilizers under trees, and never use weed-and-feed products, which can harm tree roots.

Expert Tree Care 

When it comes to tree service in Omaha for newly planted trees, our certified arborists at ABS Tree Care are available to help you care for your trees and landscaping.