Identifying Bagworms and Treating this Tree Pest Problem

Bagworms have increasingly become a problem for our Omaha tree care and service customers. These tree pests can severely defoliate and kill evergreens, including spruce and junipers. Additionally, they are also a threat to ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit trees and perennial flowers – as they feed on these trees.

Bagworm Removal 

How can you identity if trees in your yard are threatened by bagworms? These pests are one to two inch long brown bags that are attached to dead plant material and twigs. Removing the bags early (spring) can help reduce the population in the summer. The end of May and early June are key times to call an Omaha tree service company and catch the problem early. Bagworms feed until the end of August, so if you do identify bagworms on trees, having a tree service expert employ an Integrative Pest Management System during late June is the best way to control the problem.

Safe and Effective Pest Control

Identifying the problem early will help save trees and landscape from serious damage. Finding these pests too late will lead to irreversible damage and expensive tree removal services. Our arborists at ABS Tree Care can help save the quality of your landscape by implementing a safe and effective pest control plan to keep your trees healthy all-year-round.