Omaha Certified Pesticide Applicators Offer Knowledge and Experience

ABS Tree Care is a team of certified professionals, seeking to care for residential and commercial tree service needs in the Omaha area. Our certifications set us apart for other tree care companies in the Omaha metro, including certifications by both the Nebraska Arborist Association, the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry of America.  Our arborists are experts in the care of trees, including trimming, removal, disease control and insect control.

When caring for trees with disease or pests, it’s important to hire a licensed pesticide applicator. These professionals are licensed by the state of Nebraska and Iowa to apply restricted-use pesticides to protect ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers and turf in lawns.This also assures that those using certain pesticides or those who make specific types of pesticide applications have an understanding of how to do so safely. Pesticide applicator certification is the foundation for safe and effective use of pesticides.

To become certified as a commercial pesticide applicator in Nebraska or Iowa, an individual must successfully complete a general standards exam and a turf and tree exam. At ABS Tree Care we are certified to care for all tree needs, including disease and pest control through pesticide application. We’re committed to the safety of your trees and family, so give us a call to see if we can assist with your yard’s health.