Omaha Summer Tree Care

Summer is the perfect time to care for your Omaha home’s landscape, including tree service and care. And it’s the ideal time to hire a professional Omaha tree service company to evaluate the overall health of your property’s trees.

A certified arborist will suggest treatments and procedures to correct any problems, as well as advise you on how to water and care for your trees to ensure they remain healthy and strong. Among the list of tree care items is summer pruning. While the majority of pruning should take place in fall before dormancy, properly shaped and trimmed branches encourage strong growth leading into fall and allow more sunlight to reach shrubs and grassy areas around the landscape.

Water can also be of concern in the dry Omaha summer. A certified arborist can assess your property’s trees and find ways to properly irrigate to provide trees with the water they need to thrive. Even well-established trees, while very tolerant of environmental stresses, can struggle in the summer heat and need additional irrigation to reduce stress.

Contact ABS Tree Care for the advice of an experienced certified arborist. Summer is also the time when fungal or insect problems become evident and treatments can be advised.  We’d love to help keep your trees and landscape beautiful this summer.