Trees are can be very large, and when a large tree or its branches fall, it can cause damage to your property and your family. When thinking of how to plan for an emergency, tree service isn’t usually an item of concern. However, nature is unpredictable and an Omaha arborist with experience and knowledge can help prevent and recover from emergency situations.

Of course, it’s difficult to predict when mother nature will strike. But tree service all-year-round will help prevent against some unforeseen accidents. Tree trimming and removal will help prevented unwanted branches or limb (or entire trees) from being a danger to your home and family. Additionally, fertilization, and disease and insect control for your Omaha trees will keep trees healthy and strong in an effort to prevent against potential emergency situations.

And while even well-maintained trees may be strong and healthy, they’re still susceptible to unforeseen acts of nature. Weather in Omaha can be unpredictable – from high winds to thunderstorms to tornados – and our Omaha tree service experts are the perfect emergency contact to help recover your property when emergencies do strike. Offering 24-hour emergency service, our tree service team can remove fallen trees, exposed tree root systems and stumps, as well as broken, overgrown or damaged tree limbs.