Omaha winters can be cold, icy and full of snow. Snow can be both helpful and dangerous to trees and shrubs. Our tree service experts find both instances across the Omaha-metro this time of year.

Along the lines of helpful, snow can protect plants and their roots from extreme fluctuations in temperature that could damage or even kill them. On the other hand, snow in excess can damage trees and shrubs by bending, breaking and causing them to fall or uproot. Certain trees can hold more snow weight than others. A tree’s form can also determine how well it will withstand heavy snow. For example spruce and fir trees with spread branches are more likely to be damaged by heavy snowfall than trees with steeper angled branches. Structure is also a factor in whether it will be damaged by ice storms. A tree with good, right-angle branches will have less trouble in an ice storm.

Overall, year-long tree service by a certified Omaha arborist can help prepare your trees and shrubs for a long winter. By insuring proper tree maintenance and proper planting, trees and shrubs can be well-suited for a long winter.