The weather is warming and trees are beginning to flower and bloom. As our Omaha customers are preparing their homes and yard for this season change, it’s important to consider that the health and aesthetics of one’s entire yard includes tree care. Specifically, tree trimming is necessary to promote proper tree growth and health, as well as ensuring safety for a homeowner and their property.

Regular tree trimming stimulates new growth. It may seem counterproductive to cut back a tree for greater growth, but it is not. Removing dead, weak or diseased tree limbs helps protect the growth of both young and old trees. Removing live branches is also necessary for increased sun exposure and circulation of air. Tree trimming also helps promote structural integrity – and starting when a tree a young is the perfect way to do this. By regularly shaping the tree it will promote a desired shape and support.

Beyond promoting healthy tree growth, tree trimming is important for safety. In Omaha, spring also can mean gusty winds and storms. Removing limbs that are in danger of falling on people, homes, vehicles or other personal property can save a huge headache in the long run.

Make tree trimming and tree care a part of the overall landscaping needs for your property. Regularly focusing on tree care will help the longevity of your trees and your yard.