Save 10% on Winter Tree Removal

The dead of winter in Omaha is not an ideal time for homeowners to do landscaping and yard work. The ground is frozen, nothing is blooming and nothing can be planted. This, however, does not mean you can’t hire a professional Omaha arborist for tree care and maintenance. In fact, winter is the perfect time for tree removal – and our tree service professionals are offering a 10% winter discount for tree removals between January and March 2015.

Winter tree removal is ideal for our tree service professionals. The cold weather provides improved sight lines due to limited foliage. Also, the hard ground makes for better equipment access and minimizes lawn damage from debris. The winter weather is not only ideal for tree removal, but also for tree trimming. Our Omaha arborists prefer tree trimming during the winter months, as it will help spur new growth come spring. Evergreen trimming is particularly encouraged during the winter.

If there’s a tree in your Omaha yard you’ve needed to remove, please call our Omaha tree service company right away to take advantage of our 10% winter discount.