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Nature can be unpredictable. Snowstorms, ice, and high winds can all take a toll on trees and cause them to fall or branches to break. You can count on ABS Tree Care to be there for you in the event emergency tree removal service in omahaof a fallen tree removal situation. Offering 24-hour emergency tree service, our tree care experts can remove fallen trees, exposed tree root systems and stumps, as well as broken, overgrown or damaged tree limbs.

Fallen Tree Removal

Fallen tree removal is an important part of your yard maintenance plan, protecting both your personal safety and the long-term health of your yard. ABS Tree Care offers fallen tree removal as part of our emergency tree service, which is offered 24- hours a day for your convenience.

It is important to select an emergency tree service that employs certified arborists who understand the dynamics of tree biology, injury, growth, care, and maintenance. Our staff is extensively experienced in emergency tree removal services. That’s why you need ABS Tree Care.

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If you are in need of fallen tree removal, or any of our other emergency tree services, contact us at (402) 281-2675.

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