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After clearing old, damaged or diseased trees, you are usually left with the stumps. Tree stumps can be unsightly, and detract from the beauty and value of your home or business. They can also be a hazard for personal safety or equipment when mowing, walking through or working on a lawn or area of land..

In this age of DIYers, many consider trying to do it themselves. DIY options include trying to poisoning the stump, but root poison doesn’t always work and there is the environmental chemical hazard to consider. Hacking away with an ax is another option, but it’s back-breaking work. You could dig and hack and dig some more, all day long, and end up with a huge hole in your yard, and make no progress toward getting the stump out.

Stump grinding is by far the quickest, most efficient and effective option. Of course, you could rent a stump grinder and try to do that yourself too. But rental fees can range from $150 – $200 per day. And there is still the hard work of maneuvering about a heavy piece of unfamiliar equipment. If you have one or a few stumps to deal with or aren’t in the best physical condition, your best value for cost, effectiveness, time and fewer headaches is to let the professionals at ABS Tree Care handle the job for you.

Save wear and tear on your back and call ABS Tree Care. Our trained staff will tackle the job with state-of-the art stump grinding equipment and make short work of your unsightly stumps. Our expertise and experience means we will be in, out and done in no time at all.

Small grinder in progress grinding a tree stump After photo of a complete grind, clean fill and seed.

We provide a variety of stump grinding services:

    • Grind only: We grind the stump 6 to 10 inches below the ground and leave all debris.
    • Grind and clean: We grind the stump and rake all debris back into the hole. We remove and recycle all excess debris.
    • Grind, clean and fill: After we grind the stump, we remove and recycle all excess debris. We then backfill the existing hole with clean, black dirt, which we
      compact and seed.

If you need stump grinding services in the Omaha area, contact us for a free estimate. Our tree experts will walk your property and discuss your stump grinding options with you.

We Recycle Our Trees, Trunks, Stumps and Branches

ABS Tree Care is committed to the environment. We recycle 100% of the wood scrap and debris, making it into mulch We NEVER take it to a landfill.

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