Spring in Omaha means time for landscape and tree maintenance, but it also means time for new tree planting. Depending on the variety of tree, early spring can be a great time to plant a new tree. It is best to avoid the hottest part of the summer (late June through August) for all trees and timing can vary depending on the growing and planting methods used.

Trees grow best in healthy and native soil. An Omaha tree service professional will be able to test your soil and enhance it as necessary. Also, they will be able to assist in selecting a tree that will be right for your property. Preparing the hole will also be best done by an Omaha tree service team.

The hole should take into account how deep the root mass will be, and the bottom should be tamped firm enough to prevent the tree from settling deeper after planting. And when planting the tree planting, elevation and root depth should be considered.

From selecting the tree, testing the soil, preparing the hole and planting, new tree planting is best left to an Omaha tree service team with certified arborists, like ABS Tree Care. Call us now to get your new trees in this year, before planting season is over.