Our Omaha tree service customers are not only in need of tree trimming and tree removal, but many also need tree insect control to care for the long-term life of their trees and landscape. Many people don’t take preventative action against tree pests until it’s too late, but our certified arborists are experts at identifying and treating all kinds of tree invading insects.

The spring is a particularly good time to start treating trees for unwanted insects. Zimmerman Pine Moth is one to look for in particular, as they affect pines in Nebraska. The larvae usually burrow into the trunk and branch bases around a whorl. Most commonly, upper branches bend or die. Occasionally, the larvae burrow within a branch or leader, eventually killing it. You may also see a yellow pitch mass being excreted by the tree around branch unions.

It’s recommended to do an early spring treatment to prevent against tree damage and eventual death of the tree. This April tree care treatment is effective against the overwintering larvae, as they exit their hibernaculum and begin actively feeding in the spring. We would also follow the spring treatment up with a late summer treatment that targets new larvae, which hatch in August and begin feeding.

Be sure to call your Omaha tree service professional at ABS Tree Care soon to schedule service for insect control, before substantial damage is done to your trees. Our Integrated Pest Management System at ABS Tree Care is a responsible and effective approach to Plant Health Care, so let us help keep your trees and landscape looking beautiful this spring.