Spring is here – and Omaha is starting to experience the change of season with blossoming trees and greening landscapes. As the season turns and the trees begin to change, it’s important to look out for issues that can harm trees, and implement effective solutions to prevent these issues from happening. At ABS Tree Care, we have licensed pesticide applicators who are plant health care technicians and certified arborists – meaning your tree service needs will be handled by knowledgeable professionals.

Tree disease control is not only a tree service we provide when disease strikes, but a service that’s needed to prevent future problems with trees and landscapes. One such disease is cedar-apple rust, and can affect apple, crabapple and hawthorn trees in Nebraska. While the physical signs of the disease might not appear on trees until the late summer, the fungal spores that cause the disease begin in the spring before the blossoms have opened. If not prevented against in the spring, and the tree does happen to have cedar-apple rust, there will be circular, yellow spots on the upper surfaces of the leaves shortly after bloom. Later in the summer, there will be brownish clusters of threads or cylindrical tubes beneath the yellow leaf spots or on fruits and twigs.

Apple, crabapple and hawthorn trees in Omaha should be sprayed regularly before the blossoms have opened to prevent against this tree disease, along with additional fungicide applications after blooming. Again, our Omaha tree service professionals are certified arborists and licensed pesticide applicators – so you can be sure that safe and effective measures are taken to care for our client’s trees and landscapes. Please call us at ABS today to schedule preventative tree care services before spring is over.