Spring is here… or is it? Either way, as April approaches it’s time to start planning for warmer weather and growth; and your Omaha certified arborist can give you some great tips on how to maximize tree care during this time of year.

It’s always good to start with inspecting trees and shrubs in your yard. While you, as a homeowner, might not be able to recognize trees which are at risk, a certified arborist can. And once trees are properly inspected – looking for signs of too much moisture, decay, sparseness and root health – a proper tree service and care plan can be put in place.

Early spring is also an ideal time to prune dead branches. As winter melts away, unsafe branches may appear, so removing those is high priority. Pruning trees before new growth happens is also ideal, as removing dead branches will give way for new branches to grow.

And lastly, early spring is a great time for fertilizing. Before entering into the peak growing season, fertilization can replace nutrients and improve a plant’s resistance to damage from disease, weather and insects. A certified Omaha arborist can provide a tree service plan that will keep trees fertilized and healthy.

So as spring approaches, please call our certified, accredited arborists for advice or a free consultation. Our tree service experts can help keep your trees and landscape healthy by properly planning for spring’s arrival.