Regular pruning and tree trimming is an essential maintenance practice for trees and shrubs for any Omaha home’s landscape. Many homeowners are apprehensive about pruning and tree trimming, which is why they trust certified arborists like ABS Tree Care.

During spring, homeowners can often more readily see that some kind of tree service or maintenance is needed – particularly for trees with blooming flowers. Trees and shrubs should be examined annually and regular pruning and trimming will help keep trees controlled and foster new growth.

This is especially true for flowering or fruit trees, as removing the current year’s old, faded flowers and fruit clusters will promote flower buds for the following season. Shrubs or trees with flowers and fruit should be pruned after the fruit drops. And while they may flower early in the season, the fruit should be allowed to develop. After the fruit has lost its appeal, then prune the tree.

Tree service experts and certified arborists like ours at ABS Tree Care, are knowledgeable about when and how to trim flowering and fruit trees. Additionally, we carry the right tools for the job. Please give us a call before summer so we can evaluate the trees and shrubs on your property and how we can help them thrive.